“...highway to Avignon”  





We shouldn’t confuse   “Safety in numbers”   with herd mentality. Large groups of individuals don’t always do what’s right for everyone involved. The interests of a few can be spread widely across the ignorance of the many, when properly framed and presented. Take for example of what we refer to as a generation.  




  1. 1. all of the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively."one of his generation's finest songwriters"synonyms:age, age group, peer group"people of the same generation"

Not all members of whatever category you choose to classify as a particular generation subscribe or adhere to the label attributed to the entirety of the group. Yet, we humans like generalizations for ease of thinking, so we handily push individuals into bundles of assumptions for ease of understanding. Even when we ourselves feel slighted as it’s done to us as individuals. 



   “...road of solitude”



   “...empire by the sea”



   “...winged entrance”


Inclusive/Exclusive thinking lends to behavior not considering of the whole. It would appear our references of our existence as a species only applies to scientific connotations, and not our day to day decisions about our individual lives. Maybe the shear weight of that concept is inherently a burden rather than a concern. Perhaps, we’ve only recently attained a high enough level of connectivity to even begin to think out loud in these terms. Social Media such as the book of faces has given commonality to a third of our species. We’ve never know a time before, where that many individuals were collectively gathered into a single facet of being human almost simultaneously. There should be hope for breaking through the barriers of isolation from that wretched ideology complex we’ve always lived under. Our evolutionary paths have shifted away from simple survival toward achieving prosperity. Linking everyone to a higher standard of living without killing the planet is the challenge of modernity.  









   “...ruffled elegance”




Living in a self directed perspective tends to lead us into taking situations and compressing the complexity of their circumstances into easy to digest stories. It comes to us very naturally as we cruise around on autopilot letting the automatic systems of our brain lead the way for much of our daily lives. Where this becomes an issue is whenever we assume things when relating to others, and then complicate matters more by having them do the same. You see, that perspective is unique to a single reality, and can’t really be transposed onto someone else’s. It’s just so fucking convenient for us to slap our sense of how something is or feels across another persons life, because that’s how we see it. It take painstaking focus and personal discipline to overcome this human trait. 


   “So, how do we move beyond our overly assumptive nature...?” 


This is where I’m at in this process, so take it for what it’s worth. Listen! We can’t gain another perspective without shutting down the one we have long enough to allow for different variations of something to be considered. This far more difficult than it sounds! Think of all the mediums for communication in today’s ever complex world. Each one must be adapted to in order to extract a reasonable viewpoint of another persons reality. Face to face gives one the best opportunity to really focus on what someone is trying to express, but not always available. Hearing their voice would be next in line, given the way our auditory system lends toward inflection during speech. Written correspondence becomes a bigger challenge, as it requires expressive capacity by the other person in order to instill enough details for detection of their perspective. 


  “Here’s the tricky part...the place we often highjack the story” 


Finding the patience to allow ourselves to consider what’s in front of us. Taking the time to digest and examine the content of another persons words as it relates to their feelings without making assumptions. Rapport is a delicate meshing of two or more perspectives, and must be nurtured and fostered with great care and attention to others emotional realms. The benefits are far more beneficial than any sense of being right can provide. This level of tolerance and acceptance of others perspectives is what the world needs more of. Defense and protection only breeds contempt, where love has no room to flourish. A life without all the love available isn’t the safe haven it’s portrayed to be. There is no limit to our capacity to love one another or care about one another in a deep and meaningful way. It simply takes practice and discipline to overcome our natural tendency to displace it with our over simplified assumptions...





Travel can be a bitch on ones sleep cycle. Basically the first 24 hours are devoted to the journey and recovery from said journey. 8 hours was the longest leg, but it’s difficult to attain any level of quality sleep during a flight. Tonight, I’ve somewhat recovered my sleep, but woke up at 12:30 a.m. local time wide assed awake. My mind and body think it’s still early evening, just like when I’m home. I just basically took a fucking nap! 



So, I’ve decided to optimize my restless bed time by doing a little writing. Not the kind where I post pictures of food, and discuss my observations of our species behavior. No, this time I bring the matters that mean something to me in a profoundly human way. Maybe it’s the exposure to a different culture and the people going about their lives as I travel about the world at large because I of all people have the opportunity and capacity to do so. Wondering why me of all people to have such an opportunity seems wasted if I don’t share my thoughts with anyone else. Combined with a recently completed continuing education course on dealing with ethical dilemmas with my work, a light of personal inquiry has gone off within me. Tie that to the fact I’m wide the fuck awake in the middle of the goddamnned night, well my mind needs something to do.  


1:41 the next afternoon, I’m up again. Now the battle to synchronize my sleep cycle shifts to the other end of the spectrum. I did bring a sleepy pill to knock my ass out at a reasonable hour tonight. Nothing to miss by crashing at the time I should fall asleep, given all the shops close at 6:00, and all of the television channels are in French.  


Finally, it’s 8:30a.m. and I’m waking to the day at the proper aspect of my sleep cycle! We had a delightful afternoon seeing the history of Avignon yesterday afternoon. Stay tuned for some photos of the sights we encountered.