...someday, before my time runs out, we will know how to treat everyone with some measure of dignity and respect. Until that day arrives, there are problems within our species. Everyone can’t attain the same lifestyle of the upper middle class, it’s impossible under the 2nd law of thermodynamics to provide the amount of energy it would take to maintain all of that without ruining the planet, with present day technologies. Here’s where rub comes in, we understand what it will take to get there, but political, religious, and cultural ideologies obstruct the path to developing and utilizing these strategies. That’s right, you did read that statement correctly! We have the understanding, but are too ignorant to take advantage of its abilities to resolve this major dilemma. How fucked up is that? Instead, we punish those born into poverty, and act elete whenever we get lucky enough to stumble across a little bit of wealth, as though we somehow deserve its benefits. This epic human shortcoming rears it’s ugly face every single time anyone in any culture is called upon to give up some of their shit so others can have something. I’m not talking about volunteering to donate time, money, or effort here. Philanthropy is vibrant in terms of offering to relinquish a bit of guilt for a bit of wealth. That bullshit game is still playing, and failing for the most part. I’m speaking of the big picture shit like burning hydrocarbons, and wasting precious fresh water on lawns type of fucked up. Developed cultures and lifestyles are pigs when it comes to using up the energy and fresh water. Who decides how that stuff is distributed in the first place...? Oh, you were born in an overpopulated empoverished place, well you’re fucked because you can’t afford to live a good life, and hell no im not giving you a meaningful portion of mine. Or the   “Mega Church” agenda of “Lets take a bunch of rich kids to a poor place outside their country, so they can see how messed up these other places are. If we teach them about God, they can pray for forgiveness in the next life” 



All joking aside, we are continuing down a path that the farther we go, the less likely we are to reverse its terrible consequences. My daughter posed this question to me just last night:   “Do you think it's dumb for my generation to have children?“ To which I responded; “I wouldn't say dumb...but not advocated by many concerned about the next 100 years” All animals left unchecked by naturally occurring balances such as predators or limited food supplies, will overpopulate given the circumstances. We’ve done just that, and now face the moral dilemma for its solution. Meanwhile, a faction is telling everyone that they’re equal and we all deserve the same opportunities. Which way is it going to be, status quo towards a path of ruining the earths ability to support all the life accumulated on it, or begin to spread a better factual understanding of where we stand. People will fight over shit like this, whenever you suggest they can’t all have, what they feel they deserve. If they believe you are preventing them from reaching their destiny, they will fuck you up! None of this will transpire in my lifetime, but it’s what weighs on my intellect, whenever I slow down to just think about things. Maybe one day a solution will come to someone...