Me: Our cable isn't working properly again. Teresa (Cox Communication): I see you haven't called for a technician in over a year.

Me: We've been dealing with the same issue for over ten years now, and we're tired of the problem continually occurring with no resolution.

Teresa (Cox Communication) : Well, if you don't continue to call in, how will we know if we get it repaired.

Me: So I pay you for a service, and I'm responsible for continually letting you know it doesn't work reliably.

Teresa (Cox Communication) : Yes, if you don't call every time it's not working properly, we can't figure out what is wrong.


We have Roku and Apple TV, so we're done with traditional cable service. Cafe selection of entertainment from here forth. I'm so looking forward to the absence of the affective noise legacy television represents in my more matured state of being. Pharmaceutical ads be damned, you relentless motherfuckers. Hell, maybe I'll write that fucking book I've always dreamed about. Nevertheless, those bastards at Cox Communication will never attribute another dime of my money to their fucked up bottom line😎

#Cox Communication Eats Shit