Now that my attention is back to improving the world at large, let’s recap what’s in need of improvement. Well, for starters let’s address the over 30% of the children in a poverty strickened area of Arkansas not even enrolled in the public school system. Yes, that’s nearly 1/3 of a population of children not attending school, oh and it’s free, and comes with a couple of meals to boot. My friend in the juvenile justice system brought this horrific statistic to light for me. These children aren’t truant, or expelled for some reason, they simply aren’t in the system to be recognized. How in the fuck can this happen in 2018 when the political machine in charge is boasting of how great things are? Obviously, it hasn’t slipped into this messed up status in just a couple of years, so both sides of the machine are to blame. Now that we’ve eliminated ideological preferences from the issue, now let’s turn to those projecting the news to the masses. How many reports are there on this topic over the past decade? I’m only able to find a small number of articles that are all very specific to a state of school district, and their references  are to declining enrollment, not undocumented children within a school district. Add this terrible statistic to the underfunded state and local pension plans around the nation, and there is a crisis of sorts looming. The worlds leader in so many aspects of humanity, technology, medicine, and opportunity is slowly slumping into everything the politicians of the present are promising to prevent. 

  “What can be done to change this narrative...?” 


 First and foremost, we have to identify the issues at hand. The public education system isn’t delivering the outcomes claimed by its administrators. This isn’t distorted by one political party anymore so than the other, it’s simply being ignored by both. We are not paying attention as a society to the critical measures of success, because it reflects back upon the parents across multiple generations. The choice was made when I was in school back in the 70’s to give the individual schools and districts accreditation based upon a flawed formula. These same measures remain in place today, yet demographics play a larger role in the resources supporting individual districts. Tax dollars are the life blood for all public education, and thus tie the education system explicably to the government. This funding structure is layered all the way from the local level all the way up to the federal level. 




This identifies the inequities of the quality for supporting education across the country. Given the structure of the revenue sources funding our educational system, why doesn’t the federal participation allow for some measure of equalizing the differences at the state and local level? I’ve yet to identify a single campaign on the Congressional or Executive level, where education funding inequality was mentioned.  K - 12 citizens can’t vote, and their parents don’t bother to involve themselves. Take a look at the voter turnout numbers in your area to identify the actual numbers involved in school board decisions, or funding requests. In my town, we have over 50,000 residents, and typically get around 2,000 votes total involving local school and municipal issues. We approved a $100,000,000.00 bond issue for a variety of stated municipal needs on less than 2,000 votes. This lack of involvement translates to total lack of accountability for tax payers efforts. We simply pour money into a system without measuring or monitoring its purpose relative to its results. If you were personally responsible for the proper allocation of $50,000.00 of someone else’s money, and had to report back to its source for what benefits were actually delivered by that money, would you act as though it didn’t matter? That’s public education in a nutshell. Now, for all of the foreigners reading this, the rhetoric of “Make America Great Again” is the biggest line of shit ever contrived. The opportunity within this system is arguably equally achievable as winning the lottery. Poor uneducated households offer little to no hope of attaining much more than the entitlement handouts that fall from the great wealth as crumbs to disenfranchised. I can write and talk about this until the cows come home (and I will continue to) but, until this problem gains enough attention by enough individuals the problem continues to expand. This dynamic is the sole supporting mechanism for the ultimate issue of humanity creating its own extinction. No generation wants to admit that their offspring will be the last generation. That will never change unless we alter the outcome for an entire generation. Humanity is so preoccupied with the feelings of the present to ever adequately contemplate the real future ahead. 


 How will we survive when the population hits 10 billion? https://www.ted.com/talks/charles_c_mann_how_will_we_survive_when_the_population_hits_10_billion


A child born today will be 32 when this future prediction arrives. Exactly how many of the parents for the roughly 200,000 new humans born today even considered these facts before conceiving that child? How many of those 10,000 migrants walking to the United States from the terrible conditions of their homelands considered what their lives would be like prior to the sexual encounter supporting their existence. Why are birth rates 10 times the global average for people living south of the equator, and why is Japan’s population shrinking from its post WWII massive expansion. The only supporting argument for why humanity exists within the dilemma of today is the lack of awareness to the issues at hand by enough people. This is a direct byproduct to education, and also the only solution to altering the future trajectory for the entire species. We have to create a standard of care that elevates more children to a higher level of adult capacity plain and simple. If you feel dumbfounded by this revelation,  you’re in the majority. If you’re concerned about it’s effects on your children, you’re in the very small minority. If you’re compelled to do something about it, let’s start by changing the awareness to at least even on both sides, but ultimately to a majority caring enough to get off their ass and demanding change through accountability of results for the resources allocated to the molding of today’s generation through education. 30% not even enrolled in the school system of any population in one of the most developed societies on the entire planet is absolutely failure by any standard. 





We all compete emotionally to be recognized for being uniquely ourselves, but we crave the human attention associated with social networks. We live a life of contradictions and moral dilemmas. This plays out with this urge to calculate where we stand in the vastness of humanity, and ultimately the universe as well. The closer we are to someone or something, the stickier the context of how we compare. It’s this contextual identity we need to flush out. Here is where progress and enlightenment make a stand in the name of identification. 


  “Knowing you are alone...and, accepting why that’s the way things should be” 

Sizing ourselves up to the standard of how we perceive things. Completely misinterprets what the purpose of a life actually is. Figuring out where we jump on, and calculating how to advance through the masses is the real truth. Not who we are, but how fast, and in what direction are we traveling. The cultural moral standard is slightly off target with its interpretation of what a good life means We are failing to cultivate the better versions of ourselves to share with the communities we represent. it appears we have lost the understanding of what that harmony and connection represents to the long term development of the individuals within a  community. The shear complexity of consciousness filters out far more than it enlightens, and leave the dispossessed in a lifetime of despair, absent of tangible goals chasing realistic dreams. 


   “Everyone can’t be the banker...someone, has to be the trash man. If you want to piss off the banker, stop taking out his trash”


Identifying the workload of converting chaos to order is the first step for accepting this role as the preferred individual. Life is hard as fuck, with only intermittent flashes of joy. Making sense of a microscopic speck in the infinity of the universe, sorting for predictability and comfort is a bitch. This is where the emotional check down crosses the   “blood/brain” barrier. Life can feel inviting or overwhelming depending upon your perspective lens. Nothing in the universe changes to accommodate this, just the notions inside your melon.





  “Finding relief in something numbs the anxiety...only to rear its head after we awaken” 

There’s no quick fix to this age old dilemma, as a matter of fact the situation strengthens with the trajectory of life’s exponential complexity trend. When do we slow down to reach back and lift an entire population of newborns to reach their potential? Parenting within the community and not in a weird cult-like situation, but in the nurturing where you truly care about everyone getting a chance way. 






What happens when you mix a professor of psychology with a theoretical evolutionary biologists? The content of their conversation mediated by Joe Rogan isn’t for the average person, but if you’re seeking a higher level discussion on the modern phenomena of partisan social ideology. This is a savory taste of two progressive perspectives. You would have to inhabit an isolated cave to not be aware of the venomous rhetoric being spewed by both sides to this ideological showdown. The composition of the different sides are complex, and the possibilities for fusing the divide are exponentially more complex. Rooted in the cognitive drain, deep level contemplation provides, biologically we don't support enough qualified participants to move the needle. Evolutionarily speaking, we've sorted for this type of showdown for an awful long time. Each and every generation re-enforces yet another layer of social complexity to the equation, while simultaneously feeding the problem. The social, political, and ideological constructs we've derived to guide humanity through the darkness of premodern technology fail to address the underlying support of enough well informed people, that lack the emotional distraction for overcoming the challenge. This polarized dissention continues to bloom out of control, because there’s not enough reasonable individuals containing its presence inside of the extremes. 


Ideology is is such a compelling bitch in the human landscape. Once again the Catholic Church is being identified for some fucked up shit that’s alleged to have been subdued for decades. How can an organization so rife with misbehaving be allowed to go unincumbered by social scrutiny?





Maybe the fact that no single denomination is as widely represented in the legislative branch of government. No religious affiliation is almost nonexistent in the realm of federal government. Politics and religion are inextricably correlated in the United States, despite the fact religious acknowledgement doesn’t support this dynamic by the population.


Christianity is the largest religion in the United States with the various Protestant Churches having the most adherents. In 2016, Christians represent the 73.7% of the total population, 48.9% identifying as Protestants, 23.0% as Catholics and 1.8% as Mormons, and are followed by people having no religion with 18.2% of the total population.

[1] Judaism is the second largest religion in the U.S., practised by 2.1% of the population, followed by Islam with the 0.8%. Mississippi is the most religious state in the country, with 63% of its adult population described as very religious, saying that religion is important to them and attending religious services almost every week , while New Hampshire, with only 20% of its adult population described as very religious, is the least religious state.[3] ~Wikipedia~





Align this with religiosity among the population, and suddenly the support for what’s in the spotlight becomes clear. Values get distorted by perspectives, and this concept of leadership drifts toward the extremes of the tribal perceptions of belonging to some social construct bigger than one’s individual existence. The responsibility of the individual hero per Jordan Peterson is ignored by this fucked up umbrella we’ve crafted to manage the herd. “It’s not a matter of accepting the validity of the science, but realizing the science applies to you...” ~Daniel Khanaman~