Regardless of the negative racial connotation of this phrase, I grew up knowing two people that we referred to as such. "Uncle Big Tom" is my mothers brother, and "Uncle Little Tom" is my aunt's ex-husband. While I share genetic commonality with Big Tom, I respect and honor the latter with much more regard. I just found out yesterday that Uncle Little Tom passed away on January 30, 2018. It wasn't as though we stayed in touch all of these years gone by, but more about the influence he had on me as a child and adolescent growing up. Regardless of my Dad's sister's interpretation of this gentle soul, he represented so much of what I epitomize in what I aspire to be. Born in Honolulu to interracial parents, his Asian/American heritage enlightened me to diversity. So much of my cultural exposure as a child came from this magnificent soul and his sharing of his appreciation for life itself. He was one of those people, that you simply can't find anything negative to say about him. He just carried with him an exceptional spirit for life itself. 


I realize today, perspective plays such a pivotal role in how we view any aspect of our lives. The observer dictates the narrative as it’s conveyed to the world at large, yet there are moments within any story, where the influencer commands the outcome. “Uncle Little Tom” represented different things to different people. Even as he divorced my aunt, he was never outcast from the family. He remained connected to my grandparents throughout the remainder of their lives. The last time I actually spoke with him was at Grand Dads funeral. Reflecting back upon the this man I knew, I can’t help but smile at the benefits I derived from our time together. Unsung is the word that comes to mind, as I describe this man I remember as “Uncle Little Tom”...


"...don’t stand so close to me"

Fellas...keep your goddamned dicks, hands, and thoughts to yourself unless you’ve explicit verbal consent of your advances. It’s pretty cut and dried boys. You need to discuss these things with those you have an interest with. If they don’t want your shit in their lives, move your shit along to someone else. Drop the attitude about rejection, and put some shoulder into the work of grooming yourself to be a good guy. The more conversations you have with the girl of your affection, the more aware you become of what’s important to her. This is the process for building better people. Engage the girls of your life with the best actual version of yourself. #wecandobetter

". . . down home country"

There’s a singular sound exemplified in the human spirit. The tone of connection and hope rings throughout humanity. We revel in the harmony of love and happiness ❤️ Reaching toward the depths of someone’s story, to share in their disguised vulnerability, represents the truth of why we love. Absent of its presence, we stumble over the regret. lining of the vacuum left behind. Peace never rests upon this void. Love for all the right reasons, forgive for the unfortunate times, and forget the pain we share today. We feel the best of life, and cry over the heartache. Learn to recover from the rejection, and the acceptance left behind is all  yours.

". . . peace beneath salsa"

Every day gives me hope to improve myself. There’s every reason in the world to strive for being bigger than I was today. Gratitude is centered within respect of the way we help others. Shame is the absence of effort, not in the results.