"There are never any days without something to tend to..."

The notion of a perfect day, free from anything outside of spending it as though no other day existed. That's fucking insanity in its purest form. Whatever dilemma solved today, evolves into yet still another dilemma tomorrow. Such is life, and here we are pouring our feelings into words, so it feels like the frustration being generated by all of this, is somehow being heard. Oh, wouldn't it be nice to have an entire day to simply not give two fucks about anything, that's just not how shit works out for responsible folks.

"...today is my first attempt at making my own bacon😳"My son is struggling with his ADHD and managing his life. He's approaching 30, and still hasn't matured emotionally into a functioning adult. We had a long conversation over the holiday weekend, and he's truly helpless in many adult capacities. I feel terrible that I let this progress without more of my awareness. Just because your children move out of your house and assume the role of independence, doesn't certify their ability to flourish within the aggregate responsibilities of being independent. After updating my understanding of this condition as it pertains to adults, there are some helpful approaches to dealing with its affect of day to day routine functionality.

I had no intentions of capturing the above paragraph in quotes, it's just this fucked up ass Wordpress has is really messing with my posts structural context🤬

#WTF Wordpress