everyday is precious...don’t procrastinate their consumption


rejoice in your accomplishments...not languish in your failures  


everyone has to figure out their situation...on their own


beauty is like magic...explaining it ruins the thrill




live life with passion about something that adds to the lives of others...find compassion within yourself for everyone else. 


I’m acutely aware now of this human condition, and how it’s been stretched across the landscape of our species existence. What we read comes from cultural substance driven to exasperate the noise consciousness makes within us. Ever wonder why human languages vary so diversely from one another. Wouldn’t that come from varying degrees of consciousness and the subsequent desire to express how that feels? Our diversity within the species grew over hundreds of thousands of years, and only in the past few hundred have we begun to reconcile that back to the common aspects of being Homo Sapiens. We migrated out of the African continent to propagate on nearly every land mass on earth. Never before has a species been able to proliferate the entire planet, changing the course of evolution. Our individual time spent during our lives represents such a tiny fraction of this story, yet to us it’s the most important aspect we can imagine. Reconciliation of how that feels, and hoping beyond hope to identify some form of extension for this thing we know as consciousness is the story behind that aforementioned condition. Realizing how I fit into the story is not nearly as unsettling as seeing so many, who don’t even realize they’re a part of that story. Peace...is reducing that gap.