"Partly cloudy with widely scattered daylight..."

"Why do some days feel so much lighter than the others...?"

The fact of the matter is, it's how our brains function, and what contributes to our awakening on a given day. Robert Sapolsky lays out this chain reaction of occurrences leading up to each and every moment of our lives, and the effects from their results. Throw in the subconscious and stir, well you have the experience of a new day. Finding some form of peace or comfort for the reason for your existence can only be achieved from knowing this story. Making up shit to explain the unknown, think about what you tell your kids whenever they fantasize about stuff that doesn't exist😳

"What's better than a shit ton of sugar..."Who the fuck knows where my actual post went????< strong>???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????nd friends, as well as some serious gorging on excessive amounts of high calorie food. Thanksgiving is my jam, in that it's about being grateful, and eating the turkey and dressing. In the south, that's cornbread dressings served with giblet gravy. Exterior cultures may not grasp the heritage factor associated with this type of culinary landscape. While I appreciate diversity in all that it offers, cornbread is the shit for savory holiday eating😎