...we could all somehow agree, on anything 


Diversity strengthens life forms through integration of resources to adversity solutions. All life experiences these benefits over time. Those that fail to adapt naturally fall to the way side as extinction overwhelms their ability to remain relevant.  



 ...socially we as humans tend to cluster around marginally contentious points of preference for inner comfort and call it diversity. We’ve drifted so far apart from that common creature emerging from the plains of Africa oh so many millenniums ago. Because we’ve managed to thrive all across the planet, that identification of what we hold in common has been cast aside for what we know as culture. 



recent events direct the focus of a segment of our species towards an emotional element of our consciousness. Murder, when occurring within one of our enclaves of cultural organizations, touches our species like few other things do. Death has Long been a struggle for our understanding, but intentional death of others within our species is especially disturbing to us. We don’t naturally acquire the capacity to murder, thus the incidences we are made acutely aware of, shake us to our social core. 



the reality is over 72,000 people die each and every day on this planet, with an estimated 1,200 + being murders of some type. Those are the ones that don’t have to happen. These represent the decay of our species innate incapacity to kill each other. The occurrences of such behaviors should be disturbing enough to warrant sufficient attention to search for solutions rather than excuses. Firearms are human innovations and not naturally occurring. The distance they provide for direct physical contact in perpetrating the act of murder, only increases the likelihood of future growth of occurrences. Combined with the systematic desensitization via media and entertainment exposure to realistic recreations of such violence, we are numbing massive numbers of our species to this unnatural behavior. 


  #stop gun violence