The notion of my spirit resting in that place where there’s nothing but peace residing. Chaos is necessary to create change, yet unsettling to the matured self. Crossing the threshold from curious to the refined jolts the disposition of all that we hold true. Sifting through the remains of what was we realize the importance of the what is. Yearning and longing transform into accepting. Peace lies inside this transformation. Identifying our higher form of self replaces the challenge of proving the worth we once sought. The journey erodes the desire within us to conquer, believing substitutes wondering in the absence of dreaming. There’s a part of each of us, clinging to a shred of all those ideals we’ve ever had. Captured there is the peace we hope to find...


That feeling that comes from being the person you want yourself to be. Satisfaction never tasted so sweet as when your sense of self aligns with your actual self. The comfort provided by this inner peace is what all sentient humans strive to attain. Gone is the anxiety of “what if” along with the regrets of “what could” as the realization of the now rings louder than any other aspect of consciousness. 


Yet, this is only the beginning of ones enlightenment into this self fulfillment. A foundation of sorts to build out the complete structure of a life well lived. Finding the courage to resist paying back all the emotional debt accumulated by you, and stopping just long enough to shine your forgiveness down upon those same debtors owed to you.  


Loving others, in the way we love ourselves is the crescendo of personal ascension in life. Suppressing our ego's yearning  and not betraying our motivation to truly connect to that part in others we feel in ourselves. Peace lies at the doorstep of our ability to transform the possessive child in all of us, to the emotionally evolved being, we all long to somehow be.


Time is the commodity of life, that no one can hoard. No matter how hard we try, it slips through our grasp each and every day to pile up behind us as the memories we hold onto. Realizing, it's not about what we've done, but what we're doing transforms the heart, as well as the soul.