We all compete emotionally to be recognized for being uniquely ourselves, but we crave the human attention associated with social networks. We live a life of contradictions and moral dilemmas. This plays out with this urge to calculate where we stand in the vastness of humanity, and ultimately the universe as well. The closer we are to someone or something, the stickier the context of how we compare. It’s this contextual identity we need to flush out. Here is where progress and enlightenment make a stand in the name of identification. 


  “Knowing you are alone...and, accepting why that’s the way things should be” 

Sizing ourselves up to the standard of how we perceive things. Completely misinterprets what the purpose of a life actually is. Figuring out where we jump on, and calculating how to advance through the masses is the real truth. Not who we are, but how fast, and in what direction are we traveling. The cultural moral standard is slightly off target with its interpretation of what a good life means We are failing to cultivate the better versions of ourselves to share with the communities we represent. it appears we have lost the understanding of what that harmony and connection represents to the long term development of the individuals within a  community. The shear complexity of consciousness filters out far more than it enlightens, and leave the dispossessed in a lifetime of despair, absent of tangible goals chasing realistic dreams. 


   “Everyone can’t be the banker...someone, has to be the trash man. If you want to piss off the banker, stop taking out his trash”


Identifying the workload of converting chaos to order is the first step for accepting this role as the preferred individual. Life is hard as fuck, with only intermittent flashes of joy. Making sense of a microscopic speck in the infinity of the universe, sorting for predictability and comfort is a bitch. This is where the emotional check down crosses the   “blood/brain” barrier. Life can feel inviting or overwhelming depending upon your perspective lens. Nothing in the universe changes to accommodate this, just the notions inside your melon.





  “Finding relief in something numbs the anxiety...only to rear its head after we awaken” 

There’s no quick fix to this age old dilemma, as a matter of fact the situation strengthens with the trajectory of life’s exponential complexity trend. When do we slow down to reach back and lift an entire population of newborns to reach their potential? Parenting within the community and not in a weird cult-like situation, but in the nurturing where you truly care about everyone getting a chance way. 




Her: Your post yesterday was on the dark side. Me: Did you read the entire thing?

Her: Yes, who's your audience?

Me: I don't actually know any of my followers.

Her: I mean, who was that post directed at?

Me: Everyone.

"What do we know about Homo Sapiens behavior...?"

There's a huge disparity in not only the income of the top and the bottom of society, but in the dispersal of knowledge too. All Homo Sapiens distinctively acknowledge their emotional awareness, but only a minute percentage spend enough introspection to understand the Why of their situation. This is exactly how we arrived at the state of affairs we exist in today. Prisoners to emotions that very few Homo Sapiens truly understand, or have the capacity to manage. The injustices surrounding us today are not a grand master plan handed down from generation to generation via some secret code. The few represents those with some level of emotional intelligence taking advantage of the many, who in most respects, are the emotional helpless. Closing these gaps in EI and income can only happen by building a better foundation. Emotional prisoners are not the support mechanism for real transformational change. They spend far too much energy regulating their status, by gossiping about why they don't have it better than they do. What's needed is a Super Generation of Homo Sapiens armed with a childhood developmental trajectory, that allows them the capacity to overcome what all previous generations have failed at. Spreading knowledge and understanding much more evenly across the entire species. Only then can we close the gaps of inequality within cultural flaws and socioeconomic disparities.


Bacon is the shit..."

Communities must be involved in the development of ALL of their children. Not simply the higher ranking, or athletically inclined. Third party involvement, such as church and state fail to override their conflicts of interest when it comes to choosing between the individuals and the institutions. Institutional oversight always skews toward favoritism of small pockets of power and special interest., leaving their supporters grappling for a connection to that elusive control. This is precisely why volunteering the resources to the needs helps bind to the idea of the outcomes. We all work harder whenever we recognize we're working together for a greater good. No power needed to direct individuals who care about what they're accomplishing. The problem with the present volunteer mechanism are that they are extremely fragmented, due to their institutional statuses. It's not that they do harm, they just don't solve the problems they're fighting. Childhood development simply doesn't stand out as a priority, and thus the subsequent adults that children become, lack the tools necessary for participating in creating solutions. This ill aimed pursuit of help, continually cycles along without fixing the core issues.