"Holiday fudge..."


Out of any ordinary circumstance arises this whimsical extravaganza of the imagination we identify as fantasy. Close enough to reality to maintain our attention, yet far enough removed to feel like a safe alternative. Is this how we reconcile the hopes we fail to achieve, or how we pacify the failures we can't accept. The truth gets tossed around so much, we can hardly recognize its purpose some days. Homo Sapiens are the creators of the lie. There's never been a single member of our species that hasn't perpetrated this human born concept. The concept of fantasy is simply our way of justifying that lie to ourselves. Purity is a myth born in shame for fear we can't measure up to an ideal so much bigger than the loneliness of being a single solitary entity.


"Misery deserves company..."

Relief from the mundane ordinary of everyday life gives the emotional slavery a sense of freedom. Contemplating growth and development scares the fuck out of most of us. We much prefer excessive rationalization, where accepting our shortcomings is so much easier than overcoming them. The anxiety of being alive can overwhelm the absolute best of intentions. Figuring out why we are even here, and what we're supposed to do with the limited time that represents is the human condition. Finding peace between the realization you are someone and the finality of that creates this overwhelming desire to understand. Alignment of all those moments in between to some sense of purpose carves away at the struggle of our why. Words are the tools we have crafted to soothe this paradox of why. Through these symbols of our purpose, we share ourselves to the rest of humanity hoping we are not alone.


"Revered for their symbolism...British families once rented pineapples to express status."

Imagining ourselves outside of what we are surrounded by must give us something for our efforts. Fantasy transcends status in a way few other outlets offer. Even the noblest of hierarchy pursue their imaginations. As a younger man, I used to imagine myself as a famous athlete. It thrilled me to fantasize about being the best player on my favorite team. It wasn't about praise from others, but more about a result from putting forth my best efforts. Being a winner.


My web savvy marketing director daughter suggested I try Square Space for my blogging home. I've not used them previously, but certainly will give them a go. Competition breeds improvement for consumers, oh and that's exactly what all of us represents here. All I'm looking for is a nice place to rest my thoughts upon. I'm not hoping to create a money making endeavor with any of this. It's more therapeutic for me as a place to offload what swirls around inside my head. I simply want the assurance that once I've poured that out, that it doesn't get misplaced by the hosting entity. Especially when it's words I've drawn from deep within my beliefs. You might not recognize it from my writing, but I take great care to choose my words, and how they organize to represent the me in all of this. This past occurrence wasn't an isolated incident, or I might have just blown it off. Let's see how much support these folks at Wordpress can muster. It's on them at this point...