How do you prepare yourself for the moments of every day? 



Some days it tough to find that eagerness to separate yourself from the crowd. We all seek to be indentified as individually unique, then whenever it comes down to making that happen, it’s our responsibility to separate ourselves out from the herd. There are days in which we pump ourselves so full of confidence, we shine like a new quarter. Then there are days, where we’d rather not even be seen. Cover me up in baggy as comfy clothes and a hat, and don’t even notice my ass. 

  “Why such a drastic contrast in moods...?” 

Pretty much everyone I know swings through these emotional paradigm shifts, especially women, but not exclusively. Men  are moody lil bitches in our own right. My quandary is why do we roll across so many varying moods to cycle around to feeling whole. Are all these versions of us necessary to keep us grounded, or are we fucking things up so badly, that this is where things have unintentionally arrived at. I see enough anxiousness in the lives of the people I know to anacdotally suggest humanity is out of its comfort zone with regards to the general pace of life. Far too much emotionally charging experiences hit the average person on a daily basis. The evolution of our biological systems hasn’t kept pace with the technological advancement of our consciousness. 



The lifestyles we live give great insight into this neurological complexes behind the shifting variances of our perspectives. What you eat sets the tone for how you feel. The physical condition of your body reflects back upon your disposition. There’s no inextricable sepsaration of these dynamics. Our hunter gatherer ancestors didn’t struggle with these issues, simply because the world of their day didn’t require them to. We are so caught up in useless comparison of generational divergence, and lose sight of the ever expanding complexity each future generation faces. There is no effective way to analyze two generations over a singular aspect of what effects people. How the pace of life effects people changes with the level of innovation and its affect on our neurological being. We can create shit far faster than our physiology can keep up. This rat race leaves the vast majority of our species struggling to identify where they rank in what they perceive as a race to prosperity and happiness. Your individual adaptation relies on your independent capacity to grow as a person within the rapid rate of human change.



Change is the muthafucker in the room. Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yah. Scant few of us relish the concept of change, let alone its persistent presence in the lives we know. Somehow, we fictitiously believe there is some measure of control in all of this. That is so fucked up, there’s no hope of reconciliation for that fantasy. Better to accept the total absence of what feels like control, and celebrate the reality that you’re luckier than you can ever imagine. Grace comes from appreciation not contemplation.