Today, there are people grieving from losses to their families, that resulted from circumstances beyond their immediate control. Not once, while casting their votes in any election process, did they stop to consider how their rights and freedoms would come back to haunt them. How a conical shaped piece of lead, compressed atop a pile of gunpowder within a cylindrical cartridge of brass would end the life of someone so close, and important to them. They’re in shock today, and will remain in that state of mind for months to come. The heartache so intense, it’s difficult to catch your breathe. Every waking moment a reminder of the pain, that won’t let them feel anything else. If you’ve ever known this sudden and unexpected type of loss, you too share in their experience. You feel the pain in their hearts, and understand the lingering effects. This describes what millions are realizing as we mourn the tragedy of what happened in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the narrative for why these tragedies continue to occur is being treated as taboo for discussion of a preventable solution. Rights and Freedoms are proclaimed to be in jeopardy, if we rationalize the problem. “It’s not the right time to talk about the problem, we need to support those who lost loved ones to this act of pure evil” Precisely when are we acceptably able to construct a solution to a seemingly cultural epidemic? There are 88.8 guns for every 100 people in this country. Not registered voters, but every single person in America. If you don’t like the correlation between the numbers of guns and mass murders, then what are we doing to identify the mental illness that causes people to perform these atrocities? If you’re not going to choose a side to fix, how can you expect anything will change? The Bill of Rights protects the citizens freedoms, including bearing arms. The context of this provision wasn’t intended to serve how it is being applied today. Preventing any oppressive form of government from aligning enough power to concentrate its interests above the best interest of the citizens was the intent of this right to bear arms. Let’s imagine a confrontation between an out of control military and an armed militia of citizens. 88.8 guns per 100 people wouldn’t provide any measurable resistance to the might of such a powerful military objective. So, that’s not a supportive explanation. Having the right to murder any aggressor the law enforcement is unable to stop, well, that’s the idea of no law and order? Is that the predominant rationale for this quantity of guns? Entertainment...are we so bored with the thousands of other activities to occupy our minds, we all need a gun to keep us busy? Tell those grieving today about how much guns matter...maybe, just maybe they are the ones with the best perspective? #LasVegasMassacre