“...highway to Avignon”  





We shouldn’t confuse   “Safety in numbers”   with herd mentality. Large groups of individuals don’t always do what’s right for everyone involved. The interests of a few can be spread widely across the ignorance of the many, when properly framed and presented. Take for example of what we refer to as a generation.  




  1. 1. all of the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively."one of his generation's finest songwriters"synonyms:age, age group, peer group"people of the same generation"

Not all members of whatever category you choose to classify as a particular generation subscribe or adhere to the label attributed to the entirety of the group. Yet, we humans like generalizations for ease of thinking, so we handily push individuals into bundles of assumptions for ease of understanding. Even when we ourselves feel slighted as it’s done to us as individuals. 



   “...road of solitude”



   “...empire by the sea”



   “...winged entrance”


Inclusive/Exclusive thinking lends to behavior not considering of the whole. It would appear our references of our existence as a species only applies to scientific connotations, and not our day to day decisions about our individual lives. Maybe the shear weight of that concept is inherently a burden rather than a concern. Perhaps, we’ve only recently attained a high enough level of connectivity to even begin to think out loud in these terms. Social Media such as the book of faces has given commonality to a third of our species. We’ve never know a time before, where that many individuals were collectively gathered into a single facet of being human almost simultaneously. There should be hope for breaking through the barriers of isolation from that wretched ideology complex we’ve always lived under. Our evolutionary paths have shifted away from simple survival toward achieving prosperity. Linking everyone to a higher standard of living without killing the planet is the challenge of modernity.  









   “...ruffled elegance”




   “...simple things”


Pride is a blessing and a demon all at the same time. Where to place its grace, and knowing when it’s better swallowed. Ah, the dance we step to avoid the notion of embarrassment. Confused with honor, we make a mess of everything around us. Mistaken for respect, we acknowledge the meaningless. Properly displayed, it galvianizes the masses in a unified purpose. In its absence, insecurity takes the stage. 


  “...bursting from within” 



Rewards for the efforts we make swell us with the sense of accomplishment. Checkpoints for the tireless work put into the beliefs we hold dear. Laying the foundation for the life of your children, and seeing them build themselves to a person you’re proud to know.  


  “...believing in hope” 


Accepting the obvious takes only a fools perspective. Believing in the idea of a better tomorrow requires courage, sprinkled with optimism and hope. Today arrived from the optimistic visions of someone else’s today. It wasn’t planned out to happen over hundreds of thousands of years to a specific target. Life just evolves to sustain itself. Nothing more, and certainly nothing less.