Let’s begin with decades as our point of reference. None of us have centuries of experiences to draw from, with personal perspectives to add. Although, what I’m about to convey certainly goes back well beyond the lives of those living today. 

#Me Too isn’t a one size fits all call to action.

Men have long viewed sex and sexuality in a duality of physical and emotional contexts. Despite our mother’s and grandmothers best efforts, young men viewed women from two very diverse perspectives. What we learned about love and respect was tarnished by objectivity and conquest from our peers and so called mentors. The attitudes of the Mad Men world were very much a part of the lives of that generation. 

“Then came the sexual revolution...”

Everyone born after 1975 hasn’t a clue as to the impact of this social revelation. The attitudes towards sexuality reversed course as women began to stand their feminist ground against the oppression of sexism, and the Boomers in general shed the conservative attitude about sexual freedom. Hiding your sexuality was tossed aside for openness to the idea sex wasn’t just about love and marriage, it was a form of freedom. It was this period where the roots of the modern day Weinstein were planted. 

Deep Throat and Legalized Abortion changed the landscape of adult sexuality...”

The ability to legally terminate a pregnancy and produce pornography tore the proverbial lid off of a modern day can of worms. It’s hard to fathom forty-five years later, that two previously unimaginable freedoms would carry the weight of change, that’s occurred since their unleashing. Birth control was approached by promoting abstinence, and pornography was Swedish Erotica. Social attitudes cast off behavioral biases and preferences as well as perversions and mutations. That door opening forty-five years ago allowed most of the acceptance we see today, as well as most of the terrible shit, we didn’t intend to develop. 

“Steering the narrative in a more beneficial direction...”

Male mammals are hardwired to some  degree to exhibit sexual prowess. That being said, defining an acceptable level of social tolerance among human males is the challenge. Finding females sexually attractive is part of the male genetics, identifying precisely when it’s acceptable to share this phenomenon is where we stand presently. Teaching boys to manage rejection (that should be as normal as being turned down for ice cream for dinner) instead of letting their impulses be allowed to turn into something far worse. My parents never bothered to instill any emotional intelligence with me or my siblings. That too was derived from your peer group, look at how fucked up things have gotten! Those decades I mentioned in the beginning, I’ve watched that story unfold across my life. The social problems of any era exist because the society of that particular era allow them to. If enough people announce their disdain for a particular behavior, the behavior is pushed from the society. There’s no explanation for why things have been allowed to be this way, just excuses for why they’re not changed to make things better. 




There’s no place for perversion in the accepted known business world...”

Leveraging the power of administrative authority over another employee to satisfy any perverted misguided sexual agenda is a heinous act of malpractice of such authority. Extortion of sexual gratification from a position of authority is the worst nonviolent degradation of another humans dignity. Forcing the victims to cross over that line of their right to say no, in order to preserve what would otherwise be viewed as rape. 

For as long as women have been actively involved in the workforce, they’ve had to deal with such mistreatment. Harassment doesn’t even start to properly identify the affects of this behavior. Shame and dishonor if you consent, fear and mistreatment if you refuse. What a great set of options to pick from?

Flirting among consenting adults is a whole different conversation. Rank and file don’t enter this story unless there is a leveraged advantage influencing either parties decision. If you freely choose to engage, that’s your right. But, if the choice is influenced by any work related/suggested trade offs, there in lies the problem. 

I’ve never offered any position of authority within any organization I’ve worked for as leverage for anything, but to create revenue in a profitable manner. My subordinates were given directives to accomplish tasks to complete procedures necessary for delivery of a final good or service. Implying any additional behavior is just not part of any of those relationships. 

“There are women in my life, lots of lovely ladies in my life...”

The girls I’ve experienced across the tenure of my existence, have left their   mark  on me. My mom is where I came from. My grandmother’s made sure there wasn’t a moment absent of the comfort of knowing, I was loved. My younger sister registered my focus to overlooking her well being. My wives and daughters have solidified my identification with a respect for the place of women in my life. That insults me, that others would disgrace and disrespect all that means to me. 

“So...Fuck You Harvey Weinstein, for being a lowlife piece of shit”