I write this with the full understanding that less than 15% of anyone reading it can properly interpret the content. I’m presently listening to the CBS show Face the Nation, and the various stories and conversations being broadcast to whoever is watching. The underlying messages being portrayed through this particular broadcast are consistent with any of the similar presentations from any source. These presentations need to capture your attention first and foremost, but they also must spark something within you to maintain your focus, and inspire you to return for more.  

  “Do you think this happens unintentionally...?” 

From the top of the organization to the very bottom, these productions are painstakingly formulated to elicit precisely what I’ve described. Watch me, embrace me, fall in love with our connection. Oh, by the way the reward is absolutely not in the satisfaction of enlightening the audience. The bigger the audience, the larger the payday from the advertisers. Marketing capital has no shame in chasing its effectiveness.  

  “Are you shocked by this revelation...?” 

This entire circumstance is all about the numbers involved. Statistics and their subsequent predictive properties drive the entire agenda forward. Your participation at any level helps to support its existence. Once you feel something more than your mind can substantiate, the hook is set. Your attention, reaction, and subsequent behavior becomes the fuel to power this highly complex social machine. What’s in the best interest of your counterparts overrides what’s in the best interest of everyone, or even the majority. 

  “Trump is all the evidence you need...!” 

Ideology binds people like nothing else ever has. In the absence of logical thought processing, the emotional bindings of ideology take the lead.  

White alone 76.6%

Black or African American alone, percent 13.4%

American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent 1.3%

Asian alone, percent 5.8%

Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone, percent 0.2%

Two or More Races, percent 2.7%

Hispanic or Latino, percent 18.1%

White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, percent 60.7%


These are the U.S. Census Bureau’s numbers as of July 2018. Inciting the right group with the message for your agenda does matter, but targeting the sufficient population to gain control of the outcome is a totally different approach. Whatever White Alone wants matters statically more than all other groups combined. If all the viewers of the CBS programming this morning leaned in the same direction, it wouldn’t be enough to lock down an agenda or idea. The number is too low to persuade an outcome for a majority. 

  “No...this is absolutely not about racism “ 

This is about resisting the idea of belonging to a group of individuals following an ideology or its agenda. It’s how we arrived at this mess in the first place. So much attention has been given to the minority aspects of the population, but statistically they don’t carry enough weight to overcome an organized majority. Political strategists work tirelessly on patching together smaller networks of sub-majority influences. Sadly, those watching through the lens of the various media outlets are being manipulated into believing there’s some truth behind their hopes. Opinions are fired with laser precision to strategically push your buttons. 

  “That’s not me you’re describing...I’m smarter than that...!” 

Studies show that only 15% of adults 16 years of age and older are proficient with their functional literacy, meaning somewhere around 50% of those same adults lack the capacity to untangle their emotional status from a logical assessment of this dynamic. The 35% with the capacity to expand themselves upward to the ability to properly dissect this entrapment are so confident their perspectives are spot on, they don’t invest the efforts to improve their proficiency.  

  “Highly organized groups are no match for poorly informed individuals...!” 

Anthropologists suggest 75% of all human communication is gossip and hearsay. Try arguing rule of thumb gossip against scientific research. That world is still flat and motivated by the movement of the sun around us. While the printed word has lifted nearly everyone to some extent, it’s also carved out this great divide.  

  “Hope lies within the worlds preschoolers...!” 

Every 2 year old holds the key to formidable change. The capacity to learn to become a part of that 15% is exponentially greater within the brain of that 2 year old versus any adult counterpart. Getting every 2 year old that opportunity to flourish is the absolute bottom line to this dilemma.  



How much money does the United States spend on public elementary and secondary schools?


Total expenditures for public elementary and secondary schools in the United States in 2014–15 amounted to $668 billion, or $13,119 per public school student enrolled in the fall (in constant 2016–17 dollars).1 Total expenditures included $11,734 per student in current expenditures, which includes salaries, employee benefits, purchased services, tuition, and supplies. Total expenditures also included $1,029 per student in capital outlay (expenditures for property and for buildings and alterations completed by school district staff or contractors) and $356 for interest on school debt. (a)

 $668,000,000,000.00 public education spending/$20,000,000,000,000.00 Total US economy = .0334 or 3.34%

Breaking out for pre-school: 

Using nationally representative data from the 2016 Early Childhood Program Participation Survey I calculate hourly and annualized prices for parents who purchase at least eight hours a week of center-based care for a child under five who does not have a disability and do so without outside financial help in paying the fees.  The results are analyzed by age of child, region of country, parental education, parental income, and hours of attendance.

For the country as a whole, the median price for a family with the characteristics described above is $8,320 a year and $5.31 an hour.  Families spend somewhat more in the Northeast and West, and somewhat less in the South and Midwest.(b)

  ”Statistically speaking...we don’t seem to care about early childhood development?” 

No one seems to acknowledge this difficiency in developing well rounded adults from our children. I haven’t seen a single piece on any media outlet, or read a single article in any publication, or heard any conversation in any service organization. It appears adults focus nearly all their attention to their present adult problems that all exist because of the lack of an adequate supply of people with the capacity to create change. Greatest, best, most advanced...not even! 




(a)  https://nces.ed.gov/fastfacts/display.asp?id=66




  “...not everything is a competition” 

Human consciousness tends to accelerate seemingly every opportunity into some sort of competition. Call it survival of the fittest, but that’s a childlike perception of Darwin’s work, and biology in general. These battles we build into our awareness are mostly self imposed, rising from the emptiness surrounding existing as an individual being.    “Man can do about anything, if he gets hungry enough” That’s not to imply life is void of competition with others, and we often seek it’s exhilarating effects to break up that boredom associated with the individual. I’m here to discuss the rationale for filtering life into the appropriate subcategories to properly engage where competition exists and to recognize when and where it doesn’t.   “Prepare for battle...or, stand the fuck down”





  “...sometimes there are no winners” 


Every conflict is a perceived competition of some kind. What exactly constitutes legitimacy for a necessary or beneficial competition? Remember that individual referenced in the beginning, they hold the answers to this problem. Within the consciousness of everyone lives the basic tendencies of “fight or flight” wherever a threat is perceived. It’s an unconscious mechanism for self preservation, where your brain initiates behavior from fear for survival. This is extremely appropriate when your life is in danger, and detrimental to rational thinking for all situations not involving your mortality or bodily harm. This hardwiring is the basis for the why we arrived here, and the how we rise above this. Measuring gives us power for understanding, and reference for comparison. Lord knows we love to compare ourselves for no apparent reason, just so we can say some shit. 



  “...too much conflict leaves us sad” 


 Competition is part of how living organisms sort things out. Adaptations for the sake of long term survival is precisely what Darwin spoke of in his Origin of Species. How much of ones life should be devoted to the survival aspect of your existence? That’s important because, we can then allocate all of the remainder of our time. Here is where the picture of our existence becomes much clearer by focusing on what holds us back from becoming better individuals. Now all of a sudden the excuses we make appear as lies to ourselves. 



  “...absence of competition allows for complacency” 


There’s a mechanism within the conscious mind of our species, that allows our judgement to regulate our response to the constant stimulus we receive from our sensory receptors. It doesn’t come with a guidebook or instructions, that’s the role of experience and learning. Being able to quickly and accurately identify the difference between threats and pleasure is an individuals responsibility to develop. Taking shortcuts in this process leads to herding of individuals into groups of lazy unaware folks. Circumventing one’s unique individuality with that of a larger group often times leads to ideology, which is not always bad, but most of the time renders its followers confused about their role in making life better for everyone. When you’re not competing for basic survival, then exactly what are you competing for...? 



  “...everyone wants their slice of life” 


Abundance and Compassion are not components of biological competition! Basic survival and being loved shouldn’t be viewed as a race against scarcity. Everyone can have enough as to not be a burden on others without sacrificing their capacity to be loved. It’s a simple matter of perception combined with taking the initiative to become that individual hero Jordan Peterson speaks of in his writings. Imagine you’re in charge of saving humanity, and you don’t have to sacrifice yourself, but you also can’t sacrifice others! Neither Republicans or Democrats see you in this context. Their sole objective is to perpetuate the competition, in spite of whatever sacrifices are necessary to the individuals. Hmmm...pretty fucked up, huh? 



  #game theory  


I’m sure anyone pausing to read this believe their life matters to someone other than themselves. A parent, sibling, spouse, partner, or friend would be hurt to discover your death unexpectedly. I’m unable to identify any culture where life doesn’t represent some measure of value, even if there’s no outward signs as in Nations controlled by tyrannical dictators. Even North Fucking Korea must have live bodies to support its fucked up shit. Humanity, regardless of how high or low the priority is for the exact value, must foster the existence of our species. What I’m simply stating are indisputable realities about the inexplicable basis for maintaining our presence into the future. No one is born with the explicit purpose of being murdered by another human. The notion that any child is born just for that sole purpose is preposterous. 



Now now that we’ve established a baseline for assessment of how to value all human life, now let’s work on voluntary and intentional termination of human lives.  The reality of the measurements of all the ways human life ends in the United States, violence ranks in the bottom quartile for all occurrences as documented by the CDC. Considering there’s little hope to reduce that number to zero, the focus of resources on preventing murder is relatively high considering its low rate of occurrence. Now before you get all twisted about this commentary, I’m writing this in response to yet another mass shooting. I wa hoping to find all this evidence of the out of control atrocity of murder and gun violence. I will never support this fucked uP disposition of ignoring a social tragedy like we do. Gun violence and the correlation between gun numbers can’t be separated by any rationale. But, let’s measure the problem to the resources directed towards its deterrence and identify the progress of the efforts and their effectiveness. I can’t find a single media report making this assessment. I’m not a journalist, and certainly not a researcher nor expert on the subject. I’m simply approaching this from a rational perspective. 




These are some numbers I found by Google search. Let’s extrapolate the relative perspectives now. If you measure (law enforcement/US GDP = .5%) of our total economic capacity is directly focused on all law enforcement. That doesn’t breakout the specific amount deducted for just murder, but the entire concept of law enforcement is highly associated with protection of citizens from other citizens, right? If you ranked the fears of citizens across all potential crimes, murder would outweigh theft of property, traffic violations, and anything else for a reasonable person. So, let’s apply all resources directed towards law enforcement to make this point. Now, in your own personal situation identify the things you utilize.5% of your budget for, then tell me how they rank in your life. It would seem to me all the noise about gun violence, mass shootings, and murder in general is only lip service. Important beliefs require full attention and support, right? In NO WAY am I suggesting in any way, form, or fashion that this is anything other than a social problem! Until the vast majority of ALL of us demand better, we will NEVER have better! I realize the percentage of anyone ever actually reading this is so minuscule relative to the problem, but it’s my place for developing, bettering, accepting my understanding of large scale social dilemmas, and dreaming of a REAL solution, not just bitching. 


  #gun violence