“...we gonna let it all hangout”


there’s so much about me, that’s yet to be discovered. we race against the years to uncover what lies within our innermost self. my best version of myself remains in constant construction. 




 “...Ole Bull”




“...Raging Bull” 


If we measure the depth of our relationships by the breadth of our conversations, just imagine a casual visit with Donald Trump😳 Having to actually provide supporting details to the bullshit he spews at the ignorance of the infuriated. It’s a sad state of affairs whenever the truth about anything becomes optional to the audience being addressed. We hold no truths to be self evident as we continually allow integrity and honor to slide from the face of morality and prop up ideological agendas verses the actual best interests of society. Everything associated with freedom is washed aside by the battle for tribal supremacy. God and human rights are thrown around as though they were something objectively tangible. 



  “...Hatch Chilies” 


I watch for signs at the margins of where cultures fail to convey. Cross that against the ranges of tendencies, and you come to realize where we stand. Consciousness is a tangled mutha fucker of a burden on our energy budget. Life is about smoothing out the hard shit in favor of leisure. Constantly comparing ourselves to anything other than a better version of our current self is extremely debilitating to the joy of a moment. 




   “...Albert Cuyp Market”


im not quite sure what’s supporting this piece of nonsense going on up in here. I keep getting drug aside without much resistance. maybe I’m soaking in enough from the streams of cognitive consumption I feed from, that expelling my perspective just isn’t happening. the world struggles to find this notion of equality, yet biologically it’s not available in the fundamental form necessary to sooth the social divide culture has implanted in our behavior. what we’re really searching for is equality in consciousness, where all thoughts are measured by the same standards. there again, emotionally all impulses matter to the individual as though they carried the same weight upon everyone. unfortunately, that weight is measured by the specificity of the individuals unique circumstances. the dialogue for equality comes from the dispossessed or misunderstood, not from the willingness of the lucky to concede their power. too often we assess ourselves by comparing what we accept about ourselves with the perspective of what we assume about those we long to assimilate with. there’s something far more profound bubbling up behind all of this notion I have. I’ll give it a few more days to clarify it’s purpose, so the message is cleaner and precise...








What happens when you mix a professor of psychology with a theoretical evolutionary biologists? The content of their conversation mediated by Joe Rogan isn’t for the average person, but if you’re seeking a higher level discussion on the modern phenomena of partisan social ideology. This is a savory taste of two progressive perspectives. You would have to inhabit an isolated cave to not be aware of the venomous rhetoric being spewed by both sides to this ideological showdown. The composition of the different sides are complex, and the possibilities for fusing the divide are exponentially more complex. Rooted in the cognitive drain, deep level contemplation provides, biologically we don't support enough qualified participants to move the needle. Evolutionarily speaking, we've sorted for this type of showdown for an awful long time. Each and every generation re-enforces yet another layer of social complexity to the equation, while simultaneously feeding the problem. The social, political, and ideological constructs we've derived to guide humanity through the darkness of premodern technology fail to address the underlying support of enough well informed people, that lack the emotional distraction for overcoming the challenge. This polarized dissention continues to bloom out of control, because there’s not enough reasonable individuals containing its presence inside of the extremes. 


Ideology is is such a compelling bitch in the human landscape. Once again the Catholic Church is being identified for some fucked up shit that’s alleged to have been subdued for decades. How can an organization so rife with misbehaving be allowed to go unincumbered by social scrutiny?





Maybe the fact that no single denomination is as widely represented in the legislative branch of government. No religious affiliation is almost nonexistent in the realm of federal government. Politics and religion are inextricably correlated in the United States, despite the fact religious acknowledgement doesn’t support this dynamic by the population.


Christianity is the largest religion in the United States with the various Protestant Churches having the most adherents. In 2016, Christians represent the 73.7% of the total population, 48.9% identifying as Protestants, 23.0% as Catholics and 1.8% as Mormons, and are followed by people having no religion with 18.2% of the total population.

[1] Judaism is the second largest religion in the U.S., practised by 2.1% of the population, followed by Islam with the 0.8%. Mississippi is the most religious state in the country, with 63% of its adult population described as very religious, saying that religion is important to them and attending religious services almost every week , while New Hampshire, with only 20% of its adult population described as very religious, is the least religious state.[3] ~Wikipedia~





Align this with religiosity among the population, and suddenly the support for what’s in the spotlight becomes clear. Values get distorted by perspectives, and this concept of leadership drifts toward the extremes of the tribal perceptions of belonging to some social construct bigger than one’s individual existence. The responsibility of the individual hero per Jordan Peterson is ignored by this fucked up umbrella we’ve crafted to manage the herd. “It’s not a matter of accepting the validity of the science, but realizing the science applies to you...” ~Daniel Khanaman~