Everyone must find their own way. Sounds harsh from first glance, but it’s just the truth being uncovered. We all struggle with this thing called consciousness, and so far in our known existence that’s been the case. We recognize ourselves for the ways we perceive the universe surrounding us, and assume this to be precisely the same for everyone else. While it calms the anxiety of feeling awkwardly alone in this life, it’s just not how things actually work. Take your dog for example, they look at us with all of the intent of perceiving every word we say. The reason we feel this about them is that sensation emminates from the neurological responses associated with looking at and into the eyes of other humans for signals of intent. Our brains are conditioned to interpret the signals received from this method of contact to judge and prepare our necessary responses to such stimuli. Soulful eyes spark the heartfelt sensations inside of each of us, and dogs are a constant source for that look we lock into. Similarities prevail across large groups of people, but linking those shared feelings between certain individuals is another story. Even when two people become emotionally close, they continue to retain the majority of their inner most intimate understandings as their very own. It’s not about closeness, but about time. You can’t possibly share every single thought, feeling, sensation, or experience with another human being and retain time to do anything else. The vast amount of time it takes to accumulate all that experience requires distillation of the details down to the cherry picked extra special accounts. 



Your life is just yours to accept, tackle, assume, and control. The role only allows for single occupancy in every single case. Sadly, this really fucks with our anxieties of actually being alone in this giant ass universe we inhabit. This contrasts with those special personal moments where we crave some alone time. But overall, we mostly like to connect. Those odd lot few, who suggest they like spending inordinate amounts of time alone, are mostly contemplating their rationalization of their real natural urges to be close to another soul. That’s what we crave at all levels. 



Owning your shit is what’s calling on all of us, but leaning on others when that feels a bit too heavy is where we truly hit each other’s sweet spot. This is the stuff we write novels, poems, plays, and songs about. It’s the foundation for everything we associate with the concept of happiness in life. Leaning your shit against the comfort and support of another person, who accepts that responsibility without judgement or condemnation of your character is heavenly to ones disposition on life. That “Golden Rule” was crafted around this inner action between people. We’re all mindful of what it feels like to experience comfort as well as distress, and we crave the former as we angst over the latter. Compassion is the word we have derived for the process of giving our attention to those common felt feelings of those around us. Lately, it’s been more disrespected than what it should be in that regard. Complexity is throwing a wrench into the daily lives of so many. More people struggle with emotional issues than ever before, and this is having adverse affects of nearly all societies around the world. Innovation is destroying in the shadow of its improvements. I suppose until we reach a place where we measure benefits in terms of lives improved, rather than profits made, we will