what’s your function 

screwing up lives

and confusing the people  

republicans lies  

to cover their assess

delusional democrats  

living a fairy tale

mexican cartel’s

profiting from all this

american voters

too ignorant to know

columbus ohio  

heroin overdose capitol  

police chasing

after the addicts

guerrero drugloards  

cashing the big checks

us congress

too stupid to stop it




  #the trade 


Over 700 people a day die from opioid overdoses in the United States. This equates to over 255,500 lives lost every single year to something completely preventable. While drug addiction is a social disorder, with it's roots in the human condition and gaps in family resources for early childhood development across any culture. The problem being described here is more about what is not being done by a society to restrict abuses and curb distribution from illicit sources. The medical community has over utilized the availability of prescription opioids to subdue pain within their treatment regiments of patient care. That dynamic is actually being addressed via enhanced regulated protocol for doctors to follow, as well as the expanded legalization of cannabis therapies for pain management. No long term studies are available to anticipate the unintended consequences from this thought process, but marijuana is far less deadly than opium. The more exploited and under regulated side of this equation falls on the United States legislative and executive branches of government. 




Mexican drug cartels are the leading supplier of illicit narcotics to this country, yet almost nothing is being done to stop them from exploiting this opportunity relative to the size and scope of the issue at hand. If there was a sliver of suspicion for the smuggling of biochemical weapons across the border, there would be enough US military stationed there to prevent field mice from sneaking into the country. At the Juarez/El Paso crossing, over 33,000 vehicles per day enter this country, with an estimated 6% - 8% being adequately screened by border control. This doesn't begin to identify the massive numbers of individuals walking across the border as human mules transporting their narcotic cargo to the awaiting markets. The Showtime documentary series "The Trade" actually films the growers of poppy's in Guerrero Mexico openly harvesting the opium from their crop, then processing the refined street products for exportation to the US.




What possible partisan excuse can any congressional elected official have for not addressing the border issue with Mexico? We have a long history of sending or country's resources all over the planet to invade, inflict, and overthrow governments that challenge the notion of freedom and human rights. Yet, we are unwilling to take the same stance against what is becoming an epidemic among our own citizens. How much good can be identified by having a relative open border with Mexico? What are the negative consequences from closing that border and applying more scrutiny of the crossing process? NO WHERE else on earth does this border dynamic exist. Doing nothing is not a solution...