0.000000058933333 is the market share for my blog. That’s probably about the same percentage of people I actually know as well. Although, only two of them actually know I write this shit here. Yes, I am a closet writer working in relative obscurity. That’s fine by me though. Writing is merely an outlet for me. It helps me keep my story organized and relevant. Conveying that story to others is my profession. Humans are fascinatingly inept when it comes to weighing out the contrasts between their automatic and rational thought processes. This creates the space for individuals and organizations to craft a story, which fills this void for them. Recalling that 3/4 of all human conversations as gossip detail from a previously expressed story. Few people have the wherewithal to absorb enough details, then suppress their emotions to critically navigate an accurate assessment of the facts. Don’t take offense to this realization, because our species is being altered significantly by our own advancement. In a single lifetime the amount of information bombarding the average human is exponentially more today than was the case 75 years ago. This dynamic has overwhelmed the human nervous systems, and our ability to process the effects. 


The kneejerk reaction to the revelations surrounding Facebook and the data they’ve collected about their members is a prime example of the disconnect I’m writing about here today. Did anyone who uses this or any other social media platform not realize every bit of engagement through the internet creates components of a digital footprint? The emotional feedback loop received while using these internet utilities completely disregards the functional reality for what supports the capacity to use them. Where do you think all of that junk mail and spam email originates from? Marketing to your ineptitude to control your emotions is the backbone to consumerism in the world. The United States government is the largest purveyor of your information via the Bush administration knee jerk response to 911. Every convenient encounter with the internet adds to the story of who you are and how you behave. The only real revelation here is that the feelings of all those appalled by this detail were overwhelming their capacity to cognitively sort through what’s at stake. These are the trade offs for the convenience of technology. AI is rolling at us like a runaway train, and it’s powered by all those massive amounts of bits of your information. 


I guess my my question to everyone would be   “How much time do you spend each day trying to become more aware?”  Do you take an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses on a regular basis, or does that take too much out of you? I’m not suggesting everyone possess an acute awareness of themselves and the world around them. Aren’t we a better species with more of us on a similar page, if not the same page? Too many people dependent on outside sources for their awareness lends to tragedies in the realm of what took place in Germany, Russia, and North Korea. Freedoms of inquiry allows all individuals the right and the responsibility to assess the details of their world, but this is part of what overwhelms those individuals. The paradox of choices suggests too many options to compare pushes human behaviors towards an easy out of simple rule of thumb assumptions. Somewhere stuck between the ratio we have and the optimal balance of utopian progressiveness lies a harmonious better day. That place where intellectual conversations override emotional confrontations. Where internet bullying and shaming cease to exist. Where legitimate information exchanges are prevalent in place of shock and awe bordering gossip. Yes, an environment where the Duggers and Kardashian’s are no longer relevant...






  #changing times